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GST Service

The Grahak Seva Kendra portal is an initiative aimed at providing a range of services to citizens under one roof. One such service that is available on the portal is the GST Service. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services in India. It is a crucial tax that helps the government collect revenue for the development of the country.

As a retailer in the Grahak Seva Kendra, it is now possible to provide GST services to customers. This is a great opportunity for retailers to help their customers comply with the tax laws and regulations. The retailer needs to follow a few simple steps to avail of the service. They need to register themselves on the Grahak Seva Kendra portal, select the GST service option, and fill in the necessary details of the customer.

In conclusion, the availability of the GST service on the Grahak Seva Kendra portal provides a hassle-free way for citizens to comply with the tax laws and regulations. As a retailer in the Kendra, providing this service can help bridge the gap between the government and citizens in rural areas, and can also be a great source of income for retailers.

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