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How to Apply for FSSAI License | Benefits of FSSAI License

FSSAI stands for “Food Safety and Standards Authority of India”. FSSAI is a special authority in India that takes care of our food.

The main job is to make sure the food we eat is safe and good for our health. FSSAI was established under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.

In the food Industry, it is a mandate license the company needs to have before setting up their food business in India.

The Quality of the food must be maintained by the companies and is hygienic, safe and proper standards need to match.

Else, if such practice is not found the government cancels the Food Licence, and hence, it is required to follow the proper guidelines before setting up the Food business.

Why We Need FSSAI

  1. Health and well-being is one of the most important factors in everyone’s life. It is an old saying that states “Health is Wealth”.
  2. It ensures that every company must follow the same standards and rules and regulations for good food quality.
  3. It makes sure, the Import and Exports of Food items for trade in India or outside India, in other countries are legal and maintain the rules and regulations laid under Food and Ministry authority.
  4. 4. With FSSAI, the buyer is sure the food they are buying and eating is safe. i.e. food is not expired.

It contains all the healthy ingredients in the food when it comes to taste, quality, and other factors related to hygiene and safety measures during food production, handling, and distribution.

Importance For FSSAI ?

  1. FSSAI makes sure that the food is safe to eat.
  2. It ensures that all the food companies follow the same good quality food standards when the food gets served.
  3. Under the Food and Ministry, makes sure the food chain companies/businesses running should be registered and legal.
  4. It builds and maintains the trust of the companies and the customers when they buy and eat the food.

Benefits of FSSAI

  1. FSSAI food check to ensure the food we eat will not make us unwell or sick.
  2. It ensures the food quality served everywhere is following the same standards and policies for maintaining the same set of food quality.
  3. It gives the buyer or customers i.e. FSSAI license or mark is there, the food we can trust before purchase, and food items, and products served is hygienic and good quality food.
  4. It ensures that the food served, but is not adulterated, expired, or added other harmful substances in the food.
  5. FSSAI, thus helps to promote good quality, safe, hygienic food in other countries too.

Which helps in the growth of the Export or Import of food within countries and helps in the development of the economy.

Apply For FSSAI Licence

  • Visit the website and Register – Visit the website “The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and get it to register by filling out the application form. Business Name, Owner’s details, Type of Business, or relevant details related to business setup and personal details with correct information.
  • Submit Documents – Submit necessary documents, including identity proofs, food safety management plan, and address proof
  • Pay Fees: Pay the required fees based on the type and scale of your food business.

FSSAI officials will inspect your place. Once approved, you’ll get the FSSAI license, allowing you to run your food business legally and ensuring it meets safety standards.

FSSAI plays a crucial role in safeguarding public health, maintaining the quality of food products, and promoting consumer confidence in the Indian food industry.


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